Our Church

First Christian Church is located in Loveland, Colorado.  We are approximately 50 miles north of Denver, 12 miles south of Fort Collins, and 35 miles east of Estes Park (Rocky Mountain National Park).

One thought on “Our Church

  1. Deanna Snavely

    I grew up going to a First Christian Church in Nebraska and that is where I found the Lord. I have gone to the First Christian Church in Loveland off and on for a long time and was recently married there three years ago. It is a great Godly church and people there were wonderful. Since my marriage I have been going to my husbands church which is Crossroads here in Loveland. I have recently became a member so I am asking to cancel my membership here at First Christian Church. I feel sad to do this since the First Christian Church has always been a part of my life but I also feel that Crossroads fills me with Gods love and grace as well and am looking forward to being more active in the church.
    God Bless,
    Deanna Snavely

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