Volunteering…First Christian Church Ministry Teams

First Christian offers its members and attendees numerous ways to get involved in service to the church, the community, and the world.  Below is a list of our ministry teams and a brief description of their missions.  Come to First Christian and there will be a place for you to make a difference.  Where is your passion to serve?

Care Ministry Team

Our Care Ministry Team is a channel of grace through which our licensed and lay ministers become the hands and feet of the congregation in the care of our members who are shut-in at home, hospitalized, and/or living in nursing homes.  They help inspire us to share love for one another as Christ loves us.  Its members facilitate our goal to become known as the church in Loveland that cares.

Christian Education Team

Our Christian Education Team researches, organizes, and offers classes for a diverse group of students in our church.  This task involves identifying and training teachers as well as reviewing and providing curriculum for use with learners of all ages and interests.  This team also plans and delivers our annual Vacation Bible School program.  They provide growth opportunities to meet us where we are and help us grow.

Communication Team

Our Communication Team works to increase the exposure of First Christian Church and its ministries to the congregation, community, and world.  Its members work with written, electronic, and web-based media to ensure that when people seek us…they find us.  The team works with phone, television, computer, internet and print media to spread the Good News.

Congregational Life Team

Our Congregational Life Team helps involve us in the life of the church cultivating a spirit of belonging by providing ways for us to nurture one another in our faith through small groups and all-church activities. From our congregational birthday parties to holiday picnics to recognition days, the Congregational Life Team plans and carries out numerous opportunities for the congregation to fellowship together.

Hospitality Team

Our Hospitality Team helps us witness the love of God to our visitors.  Hospitality is a key element in keeping our fellowship a loving and caring environment.  They organize our efforts to welcome everyone.  They are the warm smile and handshake at the church door on Sunday mornings.  They are the information sources to help our members and visitors find what they are seeking in our building, programs, and ministries.  Got a question?  Just ask a member of the Hospitality Team!

Nominating Team

Our Nominating Team helps us identify leaders and involves us in the life and ministry of the church.  Its members invite people to serve in roles that fit their interests, skills, and callings.  Whatever your passion, there is a ministry at First Christian that will fit you.  This team works primarily in the late summer and early fall of each year to put a slate of servants together for the next year.  You may literally “get the call” from one of its members.  Or, you can contact the chair of this team and put your name on the list for a team of your choice.

Outreach/Evangelism Team

Our Outreach & Evangelism Team challenges us to reach out to serve all people with love, peace and compassion, and cultivates in us a witnessing and faith-sharing spirit.  First Christian’s outreach and evangelism efforts stretch from right here in Loveland with care of the homeless, food for the hungry, and cleaning up roadways, to New Mexico reservations and international service in Venezuela.  Jesus directed us to go into the world with his word, light, and love.  The members of this team do that as well as involve others.

Pastor Relations Team

Our Pastor Relations Team is a small group of persons who provide support for our Senior Minister and provide a regular channel of communication between her and the congregation.  Its foundations are acceptance, trust, and confidentiality.  The PRT listens to the pastor and congregation; it supports with the 3 C’s: comfort, clarification, and constructive criticism.

Personnel Team

Our Personnel Team helps us explore staffing needs, establishes job descriptions, and keeps the relationship with staff and congregation healthy and strong.  They help us work together to serve God and our community.  The staff at First Christian provides a dynamic and powerful palate of worship opportunities for members and guests.  The Personnel Team provide support for them in their labors and also provide for a channel of communication between them and the congregation.  The Personnel Team also coordinates the annual evaluation of the senior pastor.

Property Team

Our Property Team helps us provide facilities for our many ministries.  Its members help keep our building and grounds functional, aesthetic, and accessible, drawing us closer to God and God’s purposes for our church.  Its member include tradesmen from many disciplines and they repair, replace, and optimize the many mechanical and electrical systems within the church.  They are always looking for “handy” folks who wish to dedicate their time and talent in the maintenance of our facility.

Stewardship Team

Our Stewardship Team helps us cultivate a Christian understanding of the stewardship of time, talents, and treasure. They help us understand stewardship as a way of life as we walk in a close relationship with Christ.  The members of this team help us to understand the great blessings God has granted us in relation to our sharing of those gifts to promote his kingdom through ministry.  In addition to sharing our monetary blessings,  the Stewardship Team helps us all to understand the importance of giving time and experience to the church in support of the Lord’s work.

Transportation Team

Our Transportation Team helps us utilize our gifts, graces, treasure, and talent to provide people with a variety of mobility options to attend worship and to travel to events that promote commitment, service, and fellowship.  Its goal is to arrange a ride for anyone needing a way to church.  We are often needing drivers to serve in this important ministry.

Worship Team

Our Worship Team helps us experience the power and presence of God, motivating us into a growing relationship with God.  They help provide a genuine experience of worship that generates both excitement and spiritual growth. Its members assist staff in planning a wide variety of worship experiences at First Christian from diverse musical genres for congregational participation to powerful dramas and outstanding cantata performances.  The Worship Team works to make our worship experiences at First Christian both rich and renewing.  They provide the “legs” to lead us through a variety of encounters with God’s word.