For Youth

The First Christian Youth Ministry Mission Statement is: “Our Youth Ministry exists to EXPOSE teenagers to God’s love, to CONNECT them with other Christians and help them GROW in their faith, challenging them to SEEK God’s presence and to SERVE others for Christ.”

First Christian has activities and opportunities for young adults that challenge them to ask, seek, and knock regarding their faith journeys. 

Ask – Youth are encouraged to ask questions, explore faith ideas on their own grounds, and learn at their own pace.  The Disciples of Christ denomination is united by Christ, but supports individual beliefs and diversity of thought.

Seek – Youth are encouraged to actively look for God’s presence in their life and within creation.  They receive guidance on how to seek a personal relationship with God through prayer, song, worship, and reflection. 

Knock – Youth are encouraged to notice opportunities for growth and to take an active part in their own life and faith journey.  As one youth put it, “If a door is closed, do you stand there and wait for it to open, or do you knock?” 

At First Christian, we focus on depth and relationships in our youth programs.  It’s more about packing the heart than packing the room…intimacy and relationship are important in our youth groups.  Please check us out.  We think you will find our Rush Hour program on Sunday mornings and our Xone 77 youth group on Wednesday evenings to be great venues for sharing, caring, learning, and growing. 

 First Christian also participates actively with the Chrysalis ministry for teens.  For more information on this ministry, click below: