Repairs and Restorations (Shiprock Navajo Nation Friendship Project)

First Christian, in partnership with several other congregations in Northern Colorado, has had a successful friendship with the Navajo people in Northern New Mexico for over fifteen years.  The project organizes a yearly work trip to the Shiprock Navajo Reservation to do renovations and repairs on residences there.  First Christian sends several volunteers to assist with this work every October.  In addition, we help to organize fund-raisers to support the purchase of materials needed for the work including food and shelter for the volunteers.  An annual golf tournament at Cattail Creek Golf Course is a major part of that fund-raising.  The work done on the reservation has included painting, roofing, plumbing, wall and floor repairs, new doors, new windows, HVAC repairs, installation of handicapped ramps, and much more.  The Navajo people have welcomed us and shared their culture, food, and rich heritage with us over the years.

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