What can I expect in worship?

You can expect to hear The Good News at First Christian Church!  The sermon will be Biblically-based and yet relevant to modern times and contemporary issues that we struggle with.  We believe that it is important to relate timeless truth to current challenges.  Prayer is a pillar of all our worship. 

Our traditional-style worship has classic hymns accompanied by organ and piano at 9:00 AM in the Sanctuary. We invite worshippers to sing along with the music, and to assist we project lyrics on a large screen.  Our choir is a special part of worship and on special occasions the bell choir and select small singing groups will perform to enhance our worship experience.  We celebrate the Lord’s Supper each week by passing plates with wafers and juice or by coming forward to partake of the bread and cup by intinction.

If you are new in our midst, we will not call on you, ask you to stand, or ask you to introduce yourself.  You will be greeted and we will do our best to answer your questions both about our church and about our belief in God.  We are a friendly, but not pushy, congregation.  There will be an invitation at each worship service.  It is a time to consider accepting Jesus as your savior, to reaffirm your faith, or to come forward to join the church.

The time after our combined service is dedicated to our Explore & Grow classes, or what has traditionally been called “Sunday School” or “Christian Education” at approximately 10:10 AM every Sunday morning.